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Meatless Meatballs Are the Star of Subway’s New Plant-Based Sub, and They Look So Real

Subway has officially amped up its vegan and vegetarian options with the addition of a new Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub, and it looks SO real! As someone who’s dabbled in the world of plant-based food, I know how difficult it can be to find a decent meat-free (and gluten-free) protein to substitute in sandwiches and burgers. Subway’s Beyond Meat meatballs are meant to look and taste like the real thing, and I’m thoroughly convinced so far.

Inspired by Subway’s classic meatball sub and made in collaboration with Beyond Meat, the sandwich is topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, so it’s totally vegetarian. Order it minus the cheese and it’s vegan, too! The “meat” itself is made from a mixture of peas, mung beans, and rice (plus some beet juice for color).

Even sans meat, a six-inch Beyond Marinara Meatball Sub is packed with 24 grams of protein, while the sandwich chain’s meat-based version of the sub only has 20 grams of protein, so the new version is a healthier and more filling alternative.

Beyond Meatball Marinara Subs will be available at 685 participating Subway restaurants in Canada and the US beginning this September, and they’ll only be on the menu for a limited time. So try one while you can, and maybe grab a Subway Halo Top Milkshake while you’re there.

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