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Have a Hard Time Staying Hydrated? These Water Bottles Beep or Light Up to Remind You

We know that we should at least try to stay properly hydrated every day, but sometimes we are just too busy juggling a hectic work schedule, running errands, or catching up with friends and family to keep track of whether we drank the right amount of H2O. Thankfully, we’re now officially in the future, and smart water bottles exist that can help motivate you to keep drinking so that optimum hydration is reached.

Some of these water bottles light up when we have not taken a drink in awhile, and others are connected to a smartphone app that can help analyze your water intake. Whether you are looking for a smart water bottle to help you drink more at work while you go from meeting to meeting or on the search for one that’ll work for you while you embark on an intense hike, you’ll find your match here.

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