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14 Healthy Keto Snacks Even Carb-Lovers Will Crave

The keto diet is having a moment, and we’re on board for it. The basis of the ketogenic diet is putting your body into ketosis by consuming mainly protein and fat, and lowering your carbohydrate and sugar intake. It’s a slightly more extreme version of a low-carb diet, but many of the same principles apply. If you’re looking to try out the keto diet, or just watching your carb intake, you’re going to want to have these 14 snacks on hand. There are options for those with a serious sweet tooth as well as those who prefer something savory.

From yummy almond butter to protein chips that give Doritos a run for their money, all of these picks have less than 10 grams of net carbs per serving. They’ll help you stick to your goals by snacking smarter, plus, they’re all on Amazon, making shopping easier than ever. Our advice? Buy now, and they can be at your house in two days!

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