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I Slouch All the Time, So I Gave This Posture-Correcting Sports Bra a Try

For over eight hours every weekday, thanks to my content-driven (but totally worth it!) desk job, I’m a sloucher. It’s hard not to be when you’re staring at a screen, knee-deep in an article about STI testing, hormonal belly fat, or Jason Momoa’s muscles. Sometimes I slouch when I’m standing, too. I did gymnastics for more than a decade and am still, thanks to the rigorous conditioning, very muscular in my upper body. My shoulders seem to round when I stand, and after I heard of a sports bra that’s supposed to help correct that, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

IFGfit, founded by CEO and orthopedic surgeon Stephen Liu, MD, sells v-neck shirts, hip-hugging shorts, leggings, and bras made with anti-slouch, FDA-approved fabric technology called PPR. The technology promises to train the body to correct its posture, breathe better, and recover quicker. Dr. Liu told POPSUGAR that he was inspired to action while his mom was battling cancer. “I felt a strong will to improve her wellness, posture, and breathing without restraining her with straps or braces,” he said. PPR took years of testing to innovate and perfect.

IFGfit sent me the Women’s Lisa Posture Bra, which is supposed to open up your chest, bring your shoulder blades closer together, and, in doing so, restore posture. It was created for all sizes and can be worn daily during work or physical activity, Dr. Liu said. It almost sounds too good to be true — and at $178, I was unsure if it was worth the hype but eager to test it out for the sake of my spine. Ahead, check out what I thought and more about its design and where to purchase it.

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