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Light Up Your Abs and Arms With The Fitness Marshall’s New Routine to “On a Roll”

Summer is all about having fun and letting loose, and The Fitness Marshall’s newest dance routine will help you embrace a carefree attitude. His choreography is easy to follow and, as always, you can add your own twists to his fun moves.

You’ll be moving nonstop for three minutes, and you’re definitely going to feel your arms and abs light up during and after this workout. Like all of his routines, you’re going to want to do this dance more than once.

“Let go and let those octopus arms fly! This choreography is very show choir, showgirl inspired,” TFM told POPSUGAR. “I wanted to relinquish all inhibitions I had about not looking cool or being ‘too gay’ and really gave myself permission to be as silly as possible. I hope people can be inspired by this and give themselves permission to let go and let loose!”

You heard The Fitness Marshall. It’s time to let go and let loose! Check out the full routine in the video above.

Image Source: The Fitness Marshall

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