Makeup Hacks


Time-saving beauty hacks that work magic

Hey busy girls, since all of us like doing our makeup and love looking fabulous I wanted to share with you some quick beauty hacks that will both improve your beauty routine and save your time.
– If you notice that you have a few bold spots on your head, you can cover them temporarily using henna. This way they will also be waterproof.
– You can also use henna to draw some freckles to your face and give yourself a nice sun-kissed younger-looking skin.
– Are you trying to determine whether you can rock a nose piercing? Then we show you how to create your own fake one.
– You can create your own cream blusher using lipstick and body lotion.
– For those of you looking to rock the cat-eye, I show you how to create your own winged liner tool using an eyeshadow applicator.
0:07 – Genius uses for henna
2:47 – Amazing gold tattoo
3:55 – The perfect winged liner tutorial for beginners
5:31 – DIY cream blusher
7:25 – Contouring for beginners
11:17 – How to add some volume to your hair
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