Makeup Hacks


​Life-saving makeup tips every makeup artist needs to know

Hey makeup lovers, in this video, I bring to you a list of the most important makeup tips and makeup hacks you should try at least once in your makeup career.
– You can create your own anti-frizz moisturizing hair spray using salt water and hair conditioner.
– You can fix your broken makeup powder simply by adding some rubbing alcohol and then by press it down with a spoon.
– If you are struggling when applying eyeliner, you can apply your eyeliner directly to your eyelash curler and then place it on top of your eyelids.
– Create your own waterproof peel-off lipstain using food coloring, gelatin, and hot water.

0:07 – Hacks for makeup lovers
3:41 – Empty makeup hacks
5:29 – Get the most out of your powder
7:08 – Eyelash curler hacks
10:03 – Handy hacks for busy girls
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