Makeup Hacks


​Amazing DIY lifehacks that work wonders

In this video, we are sharing with you awesome beauty hacks, skincare, makeup and clothing hacks that you should try.
– We show you how to create your own eyeliner using activated charcoal and olive oil.
– We show you how to create your own makeup brush cleaner using a chopping board and some hot glue
– You can create your own earring back using glue gun sticks
– You can also use hot glue to make your hangers anti-slippery

0:07 – How to make your own eyeliner
0:25 – Glue gun hacks for girls
3:05 – DIY multicolor marker
5:40 – Cool use for lemons and oranges
5:54 – Cool hacks using hangers
7:43 – DIY shoe hangers
7:55 – Cool hacks using bobby pins
10:09 – Awesome ways to use a blow dryer
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