Makeup Hacks


​Mind-blowing beauty hacks we tried

In this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing DIY beauty hacks that you can use in your beauty routine every day.
– You can mix some aspirin and some water in order to help eliminate pimples on your face.
– To prevent your hair from flying away when you put them up in a ponytail, you can use some chapstick.
– Instead of applying a whole eyelash strand, you can cut them and them and place them on your lash liner overlapping.
– We show you how to create your own liquid eyeshadow that will make your lips sparkle.
– You can achieve the best nose contouring by dipping your tweezers in your concealer and then blend them.

1:44 – The correct way to apply lashes
3:07 – Beauty hacks for girls problems
4:42 – How to color match your foundation
6:15 – DIY ombre lipstick
9:37 – Cool nail polish hacks
10:41 – How to contour your abs
13:23 – How to whiten your teeth
15:18 – Herbal tea face masks
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