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Ditch Painful Burpees For This Trainer’s Full-Body-Blasting Alternative That’s Just as Effective

It’s fair to say we have something of a love-hate relationship with burpees: love the way they work your whole body, hate how easy it is to mess them up and get hurt. According to Angelo Grinceri, FAFS (fellow of applied functional science), Head Trainer at Performix House and coach for personal training platform Ladder, most of us just aren’t strong enough to perform a burpee correctly. And doing them improperly, he explained, “can lead to excessive joint wear and tear.”

So when Angelo told us he’d created a move that he called “the burpee’s well-behaved cousin,” we were immediately intrigued. He’s dubbed it the “Grincee” (amazing), and said it trains the same muscles without putting your joints in danger — the perfect first step to performing a full burpee. The unilateral, controlled full-body move “mobilizes and activates the glutes, hamstrings, and core while replicating the powerful starting position of a sprinter,” Angelo told POPSUGAR. It’s a great way to get the same total-body blast of a burpee, minus the form mistakes and injuries.

See how to do the Grincee on the next slide, and remember to maintain a strong posture and engage your core throughout.

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