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If You Have Big Boobs, These 13 Supportive Swimsuits Make Swimming Laps a Breeze

The struggles of having big boobs and working out have been well-documented, and we’re not here to rehash them for you. (Although we will just leave this roundup of best sports bras for big busts riiiight here.) Swimming is a great workout for anyone — easy on the joints, full-body, and cardio all in one — and especially for women with big breasts who struggle with discomfort in other forms of exercise. (Thank you, buoyancy.) Still, hitting the pool comes with its own set of concerns: first and foremost, finding an athletic swimsuit that’ll support your boobs and keep them from popping out when you hit a flip turn. We solved that problem for you. Read ahead to check out 13 supportive (and even cute) swimsuits that are perfect for big-busted swimmers. Now all you have to worry about is nailing your butterfly.

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