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5 Simple Makeup “Beauty” Hacks (Tips & Tricks) To Make Your Life Serene!

Well let`s talk about some simple Makeup Hacks and Tips, Today I will share some simple and easy tips and tricks for makeup, I hope you like it, this 5 Amazing Life saving Makeup Tips and Hacks will make your life easier and comfortable, So before starting this video, you should know something about me I am Sana and I am here to share my experience and knowledge about homemade remedies to make our life much more easier and attractive, I try to share those remedies or beauty tips and hacks which are easy and simple to use, Now lets move on to our 5 Makeup Beauty Hacks and tips,
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1: So first makeup tip or makeup hack is How to Apply Liquid Foundation Properly!
As You Know Summer Is Coming, Usually, in summer when we use liquid foundation,
It’s difficult to apply it so, Before using this Liquid Foundation.
Put It In Refrigerator or Take a bowl of Coldwater and
lay down your liquid foundation in it for few minutes,
After that use it, It will not Outflow (drift) and will blend properly!
2: How to apply Mascara properly and efficiently!
This Makeup Hack is extremely Useful and Easy, Usually. When you Apply Mascara, your eyelashes stick with each other, so to resolve this issue, first of all, take an old Mascara brush and scour it properly following that gently put some Vaseline on it , And then apply this on your eyelashes as a first coat, after that apply yours, Regular Mascara, This procedure will undoubtedly make it easier to put on mascara, as well as make your eyelashes look thicker, and all the above your lashes will not get (Stick) together.
3: How to make lipstick Long Lasting?
First of all take any talcum powder, after the first coat of lipstick. Using a blush brush lightly dust some talcum powder over your lips, Apply another coat of lipstick and Boom, enjoy well-set, lasting lip color.
4: How to make Highlighter Brush DIY!
If you don’t have any highlighter brush then don’t worry a bit, I have a solution for you…
First of all, take a makeup brush, now take two hairpins and place them on this brush like so, as you can see how easy your ordinary brush can instantly become Highlighter brush, Enjoy!
5: How to take care of makeup Sponge?
When your Makeup sponge gets dirty, there is a remarkably effortless way to clean it up, nothing but take a bowl of water, following that add a little bit of liquid soap or dishwasher in it, and then put this makeup sponge into it after that heat it up in Microwave oven for 1 minute.
As you can see after 1 minute in the oven, it became more restored than ever… Try It, You Will Be Amazed!
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