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TERLENGKAP !!! Purbasari One Brand Skincare & Makeup Tutorial | Indonesia Subtitle | Primadita R

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💕Products Used💕
– Purbasari Daily Series Pembersih Rp. 9.500
– Purbasari Lulur Wajah Dry Skin Rp. 14.500
– Purbasari Penyegar Rp. 9.500
– Purbasari New Cell Eye Serum Rp. 28.500
– Purbasari Pelembap Rp. 8.999
– Purbasari Alas Bedak Foundation *kuning gading Rp. 9.100
– Purbasari Alas Bedak Foundation *sawo matang Rp. 9.100
– Purbasari Daily Series Face Powder *kuning langsat Rp. 22.500
– Purbasari Daily Series Two Way Cake *03light beige Rp. 29.999
– Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder *honey beige Rp. 15.500
– Purbasari Daily Series Blush On *02 Rp. 27.999
– Purbasari Daily Series Eyebrow *black Rp. 21.900
– Purbasari Daily Series Eyeshadow *01 Rp. 27.999
– Purbasari Daily Series Eyeliner Pen Rp. 43.000
– Purbasari Daily Series Eyeliner Pencil *black Rp. 22.500
– Purbasari Daily Series CLV Mascara Rp. 33.500
– Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream *ixia Rp. 38.000
– Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte *86Topaz Rp. 24.500

Semua produknya aku beli dionlineshop, harga diatas bisa berbeda-beda tergantung kalian belinya di mana. Jadi, harga diatas cuma taksiran harga masing-masing produknya aja yaa😉.

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💕About Me 💕
– Age? 19 y.o
– Camera? Nikon 1 J5
– Backsound? Audio Library, NoCopyright Sound
– Video Editor? Kinemaster Pro on android
– Thumbnail Photo Editor? PixelLab
– Bogor, Indonesia.



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