Ariana Grande Just Showed Off What Her Real Curly Hair Looks Like

Ariana Grande’s extra long, high ponytail has become such a signature look for her that it can practically be considered a fifth limb. She’s rarely seen not wearing one—and if she does have her hair down, it’s always straight and butt-length. In reality, underneath all the extensions and styling, her natural hair is actually short and curly.

She posted a photo today of herself at five years old with tight ringlets, claiming, “This is exactly what I look like without lashes and my pony.” When a fan asked her for a pic, she posted a video of herself with a textured, shoulder-length bob and—wait for it—curly bangs.

Here it is again:

This is a super rare occurrence—Grande hasn’t worn her hair out like this since her early days on Broadway in the show 13:


Ariana Grande with curly hair in 2008.

Getty Images

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