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You Can Lose Over 20 Pounds in 3 Months — Here’s How

Losing weight can seem daunting; if you have a target number of pounds you want to drop in a certain amount of time, it may seem like it will take forever until you see progress. In reality, you can notice results in a pretty short amount of time. If you have three months, you can definitely see changes not only on the scale, but also in body composition.

Whether you want to lose 30 pounds or 100, here’s how much you can expect to lose in three months. We spoke to registered dietitian and personal trainer Jim White, RDN, ACSM, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, who explained how to maximize your weight loss in just a few months. The time will pass whether you make lifestyle changes or not, so you might as well maximize your efforts in the next three months to see the results you’re after!

Keep reading to find out just how much weight you can expect to lose and how to make it happen.

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