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Korean Makeup Hacks

As you can see I have very thick bangs! See through bangs are a big hit in Korea right now. I’ll part my hair in the middle and pin excessive hair from my bangs to the side and curl them while I do my makeup. With this trick I can have bangs to match my makeup!

Next Ill get my foundation and mix a pea sized amount of sunscreen into it before applying. Voila, we have created BB cream! You can also buy BB cream at the store if mixing it is too much of a hassle, but either way, since BB cream originated in Korea it is has gained popularity as a more natural looking option to foundation and it’s a must for this look.

I am using PERIPERA’s lavender and mint corrector instead of my usual cream corrector. They melt into your complexion like butter on pancakes. Lavender goes to the dull parts, and green goes to all those red blotches. Even after covering my face with it, I don’t feel the need to use any setting powder!

For a natural look like this I like using liquid concealer, for all the spots I couldn’t make disappear with the correctors before.

This lightweight, perfumed powder is from last years JILL STUART limited edition Christmas coffret – they do have highlighters and powders but this exact product is not on sale anymore! Im using it to create a base for the eyebrows and eyemakeup. As you can see, its almost invisible!

EYESWhile this looks like a lip tint or a nail polish, it’s actually a cheek cream! Ill use this for both my eyes and cheeks. For the eyes, one dab blended up to the browbone should be enough.
Then Ill get an equally creamy eyeshadow and add it to the lids for depth.
Finally, Ill use revlons crème brulee colorstay as a highlighter! Its great for lightening other colours or as a stand alone eyeshadow!
I draw a thin line extending my upper eyeline, creating the illusion of longer eyes.This may be off topic but in Korea its popular to elongate eyes, and in Japan its trendy to for a round eye shape!

Its good for times when you’re NOT using powder and going for a natural look. Without powder Crème De Cheek spreads smoothly and the colour will look like it’s part of your skin. And if you use it on top of powder the cream will absorb the moisture and get all crumbly!

For this look I went for sharpie eyebrows, so I got the darkest eye pencil I could find at the drugstore, drew two rectangles above my eyes and filled them in generously.

Etude Houses Rich Vivid tint is a like a lip gloss in terms of consistency, making it easy to apply! Once dried on the lips it looks just like a lip tint. After applying some on the center of my lips, I draw an outline with concealer and smudge it to create the trademark lip tint gradation!

EYELASHESThese eyelashes are two third the length of normal falsies, and about the same length as my natural lashes. Applying this will help me

The last touch is going to be liquid highlighter – I apply a dap on the highest point of your cheekbones and lips. Enough to make my skin look hydrated – but not too much that it’d look oily!

The 3 most important parts of Korean makeup that differentiates it from other makeup looks are the straight brows, no makeup skin and light cheek color. This look should help you achieve the cutesy yet grown up atmosphere that comes with the Korean style, and not of couuurse, not to actually look Korean! See you soon! Bye bye!

Since this look requires straight eyebrows, I shaved mine off so that theyre easier to shape!

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