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Jenny Ditched Sugar and Breakfast, Drank 100 Ounces of Water a Day, and Lost 85 Pounds

Have you tried for years and years to lose weight without success? Then you’ll completely relate to Jenny Wagner’s story (@jens100poundjourney on Instagram). She told POPSUGAR that she was an athlete her entire life and didn’t have an issue with weight until she got married. “I stopped all forms of exercise, and I honestly couldn’t tell you why that is. I began to eat bigger and bigger portions and started using food for comfort.” She was also diagnosed with PCOS, which played a big role in her weight gain.

In the seven years since getting married, Jenny gained over 100 pounds. The photo above on the left shows her at her highest weight of 240 pounds. Eight years later, the photo on the right shows Jenny at her lowest weight: 155 pounds — down 85 pounds and counting! Her goal is to lose all 100 pounds, and here’s what she’s done to find success so far.

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