This $14 Anti-Chafing Stick Is My Best-Kept Secret for Wearing Heels Comfortably

Sore calves, achy knees, tight hips—these are all pains I had fair warning about before signing up for my first marathon. One lesser-known side effect of long distance running? Chafing. The repetitive motions can cause irritation anywhere from your thighs, to your armpits, to your nipples (bloody ones are a common sight on the course—yikes). Determined to feel as comfortable as possible on race day, I made sure to get a tube of Megababe’s Anti-Chafing Stick.

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My race day look: Shorts that could’ve doomed me with thigh chafing.

Kristna Rodulfo

The deodorant-shaped stick goes on like a clear balm on problem areas. I applied it between my toes, around my ankles, on my thighs, and anywhere tight clothing would rub against my skin (like where my sports bra hits). It creates a barrier to prevent redness and burning with soothing, hydrating ingredients like aloe, grapeseed oil, and lime oil, a healing agent.

Throughout the course, volunteers held out sticks of Vaseline from jars for runners in need of a “chub rub” barrier—I never grabbed one. I’d applied the Megababe stick right before I got on the starting line at 10 A.M. and ran for nearly five hours in shorts, never feeling any irritation.

Thigh Rescue


Post-marathon, I also discovered another use for the anti-chafe stick: protecting your feet from blisters while breaking in new shoes. I apply it all over my toes, heels, and ankles before I strap myself into uncomfortable footwear. The balm makes wearing them significantly more bearable—last night I stood, danced, and even walked for 15 minutes on uneven pavement in stilettos without a single blister forming.

I’m convinced I need to start slathering this all over my body: for too-tight jeans waistbands, body-con dresses, latex booty shorts (JK—but you never know). I’m confident Megababe can rise up to any challenge.

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