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These are some of the ways to get a beautiful bust! First things first, you should practice keeping proper posture!

Maintaining good posture not only keeps your body in alignment, it can also emphasize your bust by giving the illusion of lift.

To practice proper posture, you should:

Keep your feet planted on the floor or a footrest when sitting.

Avoid sitting or standing in the same position for long periods.

Stand straight, with your shoulders pulled backward and your knees bent slightly.

Dumbbell Flys
You will need dumbbells for this exercise. While holding on firmly on the dumbbells, stretch out both arms which should be parallel to the floor. Then the dumbbells are to be lifted over you lowering your arms to their position.

Reverse Dumbbell Flys
Reverse flys basically is similar with normal flys. However, it will be more challenging as you will be facing the floor instead of facing upwards. Lie down on a bench or use a swiss ball if you have, facing downwards. Swing your arms holding the dumbbells outwards, away from the floor.


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