This $60 Uniqlo Coat Looks Just as Good as a Designer One

Maybe this is too much information, but I run hot. Unless it’s less than 50 degrees and overcast, I can’t dip into my winter wardrobe made of wool and shearling. As a result, finding a great lightweight coat for fall is a major source of contention. Trench coats are the obvious fall back, but finding a good one is next too impossible when shopping on a budget. Ideally I’d pop on an OG Burberry coat and be on my merry way, but my frugal tendencies won’t allow it. All knock-off versions are too short, don’t have the right kind of buttons, or overall just look plain wrong (read: cheap). So thank god for Uniqlo.

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After falling down an Instagram rabbit hole, I came across the above coat. With its clean lines, perfect silhouette and quality fabrication (as far as I could tell from my screen), I automatically assumed it was a fancy designer dud. A quick tap revealed that it was actually from Uniqlo, an destination for the best in basics. Our editors routinely stock up on their classic crewnecks, hoard their Heat Tech tights during the winter, and now, will never sleep on their outerwear options again.



This classic style hits right above the knee (a very flattering length), has a removable hood if you prefer a collar-only look, and is made of a breathable yet water-repellent material, making it ideal for everyday wear that won’t lock in moisture. Now on sale for $60 and selling out fast in varying sizes, we suggest you shop it ASAP. If you prefer a darker palette, it’s also available in navy and black. Act fast before it sells out, or start saving up for a Burberry version, which is roughly $1,730 more than our Uniqlo pick. The choice is yours.

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